Monday, February 2, 2009, 07:18 PM
Posted by Administrator
After finishing up the Social Code record I flew to Memphis to see the Answer play with AC/DC, their second last gig of this leg of the tour. After the show we were in a bar on Beale street when Angus' tech and all around great guy Takumi and the bands in house amp genius Rick from Wizard Amps came in. I had never met Rick before but have definitely used and loved his amps. Rick really knows his stuff and clearly loves what he does.

We hung with them until their bus call before taking the Answer guys to a cool after hours juke joint on the other side of town. Takumi and Rick had a couple of picks from that days show in their pockets and the picture below really goes to show just how awesome a player Malcolm Young is. The black guitar pick is that worn down after just one song! Apparently Malcolm does that amount of damage to his picks every song he plays!!

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