Unusual vocal sound/ R studios Edmonton 
Tuesday, January 20, 2009, 08:58 PM
Posted by Administrator
So we were recording some background vocals on the Social Code record and I wanted to get something that sat far away from the lead vocal. Now usually in LA I have a whole arsenal of cool old strange mics and my Seairland carbon mic I picked up a yard sale years ago would have been perfect for what we needed. Only trouble was I was a long plane ride away from that mic, so after spending a few minutes trying to rig up a vintage phone for use as a mic and a couple of mics from what looked like an old cassette recorder that looked promising but sounded too normal, we finally settled on plugging a pair of headphones into a pre-amp and going with that. I worked perfectly and was exactly what the track needed. That perfect distorted but clear tone we were looking for.
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