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Saturday, April 25, 2009, 09:59 PM
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The aptly named "Joe's House of Compression" is the private studio/playground of Joe Barresi. Joe is one of my favorite producers and also one of my closest friends, he is also the biggest collector of cool vintage audio gear that I personally know and his studio reflects that. Joe's room is like a museum/showroom for just about every cool piece gear I can think of and also has tons of cool guitars, amps and Spice girls toys and stickers.

We have been mixing the Twin Atlantic record here for the last few days and I couldn't be happier with the room and all of the cool gear in here.

Joe stopped by last night and I played him a couple of songs, Sam from Twin Atlantic snapped this picture of Joe at the console, but what's cool is it has almost everyone from the session in the shot.

Joe is at the board, to his immediate right is Jun the assistant engineer, Stevie (Craig's brother)and all of the Twin Atlantic guys except Sam. The only person missing from the shot is Joe's brother Anthony who was probably busy wrangling Joe's dog "Bullet" at the time the shot was taken.
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